Monday, September 3, 2012

Lot # 326

Bucks N Moore X Gallo Dun It
This is a very athletic daughter of Buck and out of a money earning own daughter of Gallo Del Cielo. She really needs to hit the show pen. 2nd dam is by Hollywood Dun It. Great pedigree to do any event. Pitzer Ranch Invitational eligible.

Lot # 327

Bucks N Moore X Zan Joe Jackie
This filly will be big hipped and good minded. The daughters of Zan Parr Jack are great producers! Several superhorse winners and multiple world champions have been out of Zan Parr Jack daughters. 2nd dam is by Watch Joe Jack. Strong maternal lines here! She also needs to get a shot at the show pen. Pitzer Ranch Invitational eligible.

Lot # 328

Bucks N Moore X Magic Eyed Jill
Here is a fancy palomino roan filly. Buck gives us one of these yellow roans every year it seems. This filly is really leggy and will carry herself so nice. She is smart, learns quick and will be able to take some pressure. Nice broodmare prospect too if you want to add some pretty to your herd. Pitzer Ranch Invitational eligible.


Lot # 330

Bucks N Moore X Lady Zan Parr Bars
One of our favorites this year! Out of one of our nice Zan Parr Jack daughters with a strong King P-234 influence on the bottom of that. This filly will be a heel horse prospect deluxe. Her dam is built to ride and slide. She rode really good before entering the broodmare band. You will get notice with this one every show you go to. Pitzer Ranch Invitational eligible.

Lot # 331
Bucks N Moore X Bartender Penny
Buck has done it again. Another roan colt out of a gray mare. It appears this filly may have the gray gene too. Not very many daughters of the world champion Two ID Bartender around. Her dam rode really good and was used as a lesson horse. This filly is really athletic. She was the last one born here at the ranch but is so shapey. Just give her time and feed and she will be one of your good ones. Pitzer Ranch Invitational eligible.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thursday, November 26, 2009

BUCKS N MOORE - A Proven Winner!

Bucks N Moore has completed the following great accomplishments:

2010 Region 7 Team Roping Heading Champion
2010 Region 7 Performance Halter Champion, Open and Amatuer
2010 UQHA Rose Circuit Halter and Team Roping Champion
2010 3-Time ABRA World Champion - Team Roping Heading, Heeling, Steer Stopping
2010 AQHA World Show Qualifier - Team Roping Heading, Performance Halter
2010 AQHA Halter ROM
2010 AQHA Superior Heading
2009 AQHA Superior Heeling
2009 AQHA High Point Open Senior Heeling - 7th
2009 AQHA World Show Finalist - Performance Halter
2009 AQHA World Show Qualifier - Team Roping Heading, Heeling, Performance Halter
2009 3-Time ABRA Res. World Champion - Team Roping Heading, Heeling, Steer Stopping
2009 AQHA Performance ROM